How Black People In America Shaped Today's Country Music

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From the Banjo to Mickey Guyton and Beyonce, here's how black people in America have helped shape country music to what it is today.
This video states that the banjo was created in Africa and brought over to the Americas with enslaved Africans. The banjo is actually an instrument created by enslaved people in the Americas which has heavily influenced by West African lutes.
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Kai Lopez
Kai Lopez پیش 2 روز
I'm so glad this was shared, thank you for all the information!
stesthetic پیش 4 روز
Hun, country music wasn't just shaped by black people. They created country music.
jack paul
jack paul پیش 9 روز
Country music is garbage
Cillian Browne
Cillian Browne پیش 13 روز
Oh my God a buzz feed video... that was actually fact based and good I need to lie down
Gozienna Anamelechi
Gozienna Anamelechi پیش 16 روز
When did Alana leave Food Insider?
netherlands پیش 20 روز
Country made by Whites no cap
David Thomas
David Thomas پیش 21 روز
A lot of artists were left out of this like Charlie pride Darius Rucker and many others
Andy Lee
Andy Lee پیش 24 روز
According to folk legend Pete Seger the banjo originated from what is now Iraq. It then made its way via trade routes to other parts of Africa.
Faisal Al-Zubaidi
Faisal Al-Zubaidi پیش 25 روز
alternative title: How African Americans shaped today’s country music
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith پیش 25 روز
KBLive7 پیش 26 روز
Im a simple guy, i see charlie pride- i click
shanice braxton vlogs
shanice braxton vlogs پیش 27 روز
I love country music
Shadowcat107 پیش 27 روز
this was a interesting video. I read the title and clicked on the video. now I'm watching the video. next video I want to know how K Pop help people get very interesting in the Korean culture. I love K Pop.
Denise Hudgens
Denise Hudgens پیش 28 روز
Yes, I absolutely love this content. The dislike ratio is PATHETIC but not surprising, because you hate hearing how influential black culture has been in American culture. Stay mad racists.
Mother MercuryDoesThings
Mother MercuryDoesThings پیش 28 روز
Hold on im talking about rock music in this comment but how come we arent celebrating everyone in between like zanzabarian
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson پیش 28 روز
Ackchually everything comes from black pipo brought to you by BuzzFeed.
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson پیش 20 روز
@netherlands Not really a boast. The modern world kinda sucks.
netherlands پیش 20 روز
We literally build modern world
jekanyika پیش 24 روز
@Tobias J.A. Anderson Blimey
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson پیش 26 روز
@Denise Hudgens Leave it to a non-white to lack a sense of humor.
Denise Hudgens
Denise Hudgens پیش 26 روز
@Tobias J.A. Anderson spoken like a true white supremacist. Taking what I say and completely twisting it around to fit your own anti-black narrative. Not impressed. What you say doesn't take from the fact that black people have made prolific contributions to society, whether or not you want to acknowledge it. Also, stop lying to yourself.
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson پیش 28 روز
We wuz country rockerz n shiiiiet.
Angela Madrid
Angela Madrid پیش 29 روز
Here we go again haters stealing culture that’s not theirs. Please educate yourself before you sit there saying that country music came from white people & educate yourself on your own culture so you don’t feel the need to steal others. Every time I ask a person of European descendant they always say “I am white.” I had one person say “I am to lazy to look up my ancestry history.” So if you are a country singer please educate yourself about the history of country music & were it first started before you call anyone the N word.
MoochieJr پیش 29 روز
Black Americans, stop calling yourselves "African." You're not.
MoochieJr پیش 27 روز
@Automated Message Most black Americans can't even name the country their African ancestors came from. You say Africa, and for most they just picture the entire landmass as something like Wakanda and go, "I'm from there."
Automated Message
Automated Message پیش 27 روز
what? nationality is American , heritage is African. Hence the term African American.
PoTaTo Q
PoTaTo Q پیش 29 روز
It wasn't black people who shaped country music. It was white people.,.. BuzzFeed are jus racist idiots
Crazy Stuff
Crazy Stuff پیش ماه
American banjos are actually a modern form of the Lute. A much older instrument than the so called African banjo.
Crazy Stuff
Crazy Stuff پیش ماه
These guys can't stop pushing their afrocentric agendas. Also, country music mostly derives its sound from Christian hymns.
Arthur 22
Arthur 22 پیش ماه
Why do you separate blacks and whites. I believe every race should be treated equally.
Arthur 22
Arthur 22 پیش ماه
Stop bringing race into everything. The race of the famous country people doesn’t matter and I don’t understand why it’s bad that white people tend to be more popular country artists. Be better
jekanyika پیش 24 روز
You don't seem to get it.
Terrestial Seven
Terrestial Seven پیش ماه
What is also funny is that country singers emulate cowboys and cowboy culture but majority of cowboys during Wild Wild West were black and Mexican. This is why in many respects I never took country music seriously cause it never fully reflects real America.
piggybankvillan پیش ماه
Did they really not mention the probably the most popular black country artist Darius Rucker? He has won a Grammy before both before and after transitioning into country music, and a lot of his stuff is pretty critically acclaimed. It's a shame other artists don't get recognition though, especially when clearly non-country artists like Florida Georgia Line are thought of as country.
Josefine LL
Josefine LL پیش ماه
netherlands پیش 20 روز
@Chees yes they want you to feel guilty for being White, dont let you brainwash✊🏻
Chees پیش 26 روز
@Josefine LL Learn what? Leftist propaganda made to make me feel bad about my race?
Josefine LL
Josefine LL پیش 26 روز
@Chees watch this video again and maybe you’ll learn someting :)
Chees پیش 26 روز
Whites made country music😎
Chees پیش 26 روز
Hanz LIVE پیش ماه
Darryl mana ya?
NotoriusDrifter پیش ماه
When I think of country music, I think of trash
Eric Gibbons
Eric Gibbons پیش ماه
It started with African and Native American. There's a really good PBS special somewhere out there about the origins of rock and roll.
Eric Gibbons
Eric Gibbons پیش ماه
@Ur Mama see. The beginning was muli cultural.
FoxNewsChannelSux پیش ماه
Y'all aint even mention the so called "father of country music" Jimmie Rodgers learned how to play country from his father's black workers on the farm
BionicleFuzzyMelon پیش ماه
Darius Rucker for days 😍❤💕
Roots & Wings Boutique
Roots & Wings Boutique پیش ماه
Charley Pride...was not even worth a mention? Shame on y'all.
Ludvig Dahlberg
Ludvig Dahlberg پیش ماه
The banjo sure came from africa but black people didnt play it like white people. White People picked it up and played it their own Way...
Crazy Stuff
Crazy Stuff پیش ماه
Don't believe them about the Banjo. Banjos are a modern form of the Lute.
Bliz Playz
Bliz Playz پیش ماه
S!ve ?
S!ve ? پیش ماه
Black Americans have made such an enormous impact on all the world’s music Y’all honestly amazing
netherlands پیش 20 روز
Only rap?
Chees پیش 26 روز
No they didnt. They only make and listen to rap all day.
Terrestial Seven
Terrestial Seven پیش ماه
Yes, that is why if people realize this and not be caught up in the negative, the world will move better.
Alexandra Miles-Lasseter
Alexandra Miles-Lasseter پیش ماه
Kind of surprised not to see Darius Rucker mentioned.
1337 پیش ماه
dynamic duo
dynamic duo پیش ماه
Yall think lil x is county singer?
Cillian Browne
Cillian Browne پیش 13 روز
No not really more like country pop not really country more just made a song that would fit well into the meme culture
Mantel Munk
Mantel Munk پیش ماه
Bet nobody knew Jesus was actually black.
Chees پیش 26 روز
No he wasnt, stop lying to yourself, he was from Palestine (todays Israel) and over there was a majority white population unlike today so he is caucasian.
Imelda Samford
Imelda Samford پیش ماه
Darius Rucker! Anywho... just get Willie Nelson to endorse it, it'll sell.
2277fallout پیش ماه
What biased garbage. This is why no one should watch buzzfeed.
Kenzie Montgomery
Kenzie Montgomery پیش 26 روز
@Chees this video is history on music and a musical instrument
Chees پیش 26 روز
@Kenzie Montgomery What history? Made up history of ni
Squan Tosh
Squan Tosh پیش ماه
@2277fallout Don't do it sir. Don't spoil this black history wet dream with some reasoned argument. It can't even be 'How black people HELPED shape country music.' It's just 'shaped' it. Ridiculous. Like most of the comments on here.
2277fallout پیش ماه
@Kenzie Montgomery Yeah, it's history but presented in a biased way. This video is the equivalent of me making a video about how white people invented the guitar, so they're the sole contributors to blues and rock music.
Kenzie Montgomery
Kenzie Montgomery پیش ماه
Its literally history. Educate yourself
Shady Tyrell
Shady Tyrell پیش ماه
I don’t know why any black person today would even want to have white country fans. The amount of racism is not even worth it.
tatsu masa
tatsu masa پیش ماه
Rock and Roll was also originally black music until Michael J Fox stole it in Back to the Future.
reading this comment, may you be fine this day!
̅ پیش ماه
"Hey (bleep) you! Even Guyana isn't as sexist as America!" - Adam from Adam Ruins Everything.
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge پیش ماه
Only 1% will read this but i hope you have a great day 🥀❤
E PL پیش ماه
Awesome, everyone should watch the Documentary Louie Bluie - Director Terry Zwigoff.
rhijulbec1 پیش ماه
F*CK YOU BUZZFEED ~I NEED TO WATCH FOUR OR MORE ADVERTS TO WATCH THIS VIDEO? F*CK YOU! 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 I'm sure you need the money because you're just so broke (sarcasm, it's sarcasm)
Sergent Brocoli
Sergent Brocoli پیش ماه
My just know old Town road🤣😭
Grace Kellman
Grace Kellman پیش ماه
Good info but the script is really poorly written
AriDanya پیش ماه
Ummm black people created country music 😭
Life Is Good
Life Is Good پیش ماه
Indians shaped medicine
james marshall
james marshall پیش ماه
Its blues brah
miles angelo
miles angelo پیش ماه
wow, this is the first buzzfeed video I've seen in a while that was actually super interesting and informative. I'd love to see more content like this!
jellow242 پیش ماه
Jac-Jac Davis
Jac-Jac Davis پیش ماه
We made country black people same with rock
Murder The Internet
Murder The Internet پیش ماه
HOW DO YOU EVEN DO A STORY ON BLACK COUNTRY MUSIC AND FORGET CHARLIE PRIDE? That's like like forgetting about the importance of MLK during the 1960's
mohan jairam
mohan jairam پیش ماه
Tf is this video
쉐리 sherry Mukbang 댓글 Comment
쉐리 sherry Mukbang 댓글 Comment پیش ماه
God Bless and stay safe whoever reading this comment 😍🤩🙏
Icey Anderson
Icey Anderson پیش ماه
Lauchlan Still
Lauchlan Still پیش ماه
It’s buzzfeed I expect a good portion of dislikes
Tajari Ponyshmirtz
Tajari Ponyshmirtz پیش ماه
Music is Black
Squan Tosh
Squan Tosh پیش ماه
Opera, orchestras, etc aren't even slightly. There wasn't one of 'the great composers' that was black. White Europeans were creating masterpieces in orchestral music and great halls while other countries were still banging sticks together, often in mud huts. An unfortunate truth. Just because black people stepped in right at the very end and plucked a guitar, etc doesn't make music black. It's everyone's.
Craig Merkey
Craig Merkey پیش ماه
Awesome... when it is real and authentic it gets attention!
MsLala1112 پیش ماه
Notice how every crossover song had a white country singer to perform with them smh as if to make white audiences to feel more’s disturbing
Denis پیش ماه
Really good informative video that sheds a light and gives attention to a overlooked issue!
Solar Lucky
Solar Lucky پیش ماه
Ooooo I know them racists mfs mad at this one😂
Chees پیش 26 روز
Its false, of course it will make people disgruntled. And make whites hate each other more.
drawwing پیش ماه
interesting video. I found it a little insulting that Charley Pride was not mentioned at all. I don't really like where Country has gone since the 80s-90s. I much prefer the 50s and 60s Country Music. New-ish African American artist Tony Jackson is doing amazing traditional stuff. But no one talks about him outside of RFD-TV. Modern Country has gone so far away from it's roots that If you stick a little Rap or Pop sounds into it, it really isn't country music. Modern Country is barely country to begin with. But if an artist like Beyonce did a Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn style song, It would indisputably be a country song. In my opinion Country music needs these things to be country.: Fiddle, Good Story telling, lap-Steal Guitar. The twang in a the voice is not necessary , its just a gimmick from the 90s. The accent that we hear in Loretta Lynn's or Merle Haggard's voice is natural. So if an Artist really sounds like that, GREAT! But no need to fake it. It is True African Americans Created the roots of Country Music, I would love for them to come back and fix it. :)
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
@drawwing give it a listen if you want because I'm curious what you think of it!
drawwing پیش ماه
@Amb3rLuv no i didn't. But the video mentioned it as an example. I stand by my statement, "Country ain't Country no more" I like classic Country for the same reasons I like 80s and 90s Rap, the songs tell stories of a person's personal experience. When Country went fake, it went downhill fast. Country is the music of the working man (or woman). Gansta Rap was stories from the streets. Both are genuine American Art forms. It might be time for the modern artists to get back to their roots and tell stories that are true to their own experiences. 2020 has sure given us enough heartache to write some quality music.
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
Beyonce's "Daddy Lessons" wasn't country enough for you? Did you listen to it?
AJ- 47
AJ- 47 پیش ماه
Israel brought the banjo here?! The Israelites are truly the salt of the earth 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Deuteronomy 28
colleen Daniels
colleen Daniels پیش ماه
I actually think that PEOPLE shaped music no colour just PEOPLE
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
@colleen Daniels it means exactly what I said.
colleen Daniels
colleen Daniels پیش ماه
@Amb3rLuv and that means what?
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
@2277fallout you're commenting under a video that is specifically about black people and country music 🤔
2277fallout پیش ماه
@Amb3rLuv Don't engage in the erasure of White contributions.
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
Don't engage in the erasure of Black contributions!
друг پیش ماه
Title should be 'helped' just like how 'white' artists helped shape the culture.
Chees پیش 26 روز
@Kia’s Life “created” PFFFF HAHAHAHAHAH
друг پیش ماه
@Kia’s Life Well then that's just factually wrong.
Kia’s Life
Kia’s Life پیش ماه
No it actually should be “created” 👍🏾
DJSE پیش ماه
Seeing that you could think that it's because this music is from a different time where the mind were different and racism was a "normal" thing, even approved by laws, but black music being seeing as a white thing is still here with newer sound. Like rock, or even techno and house, and at some point even jazz. Hip hop is kind of one of the last popular thing that still is considered as black music, but who know, it could change in few years, as there are more and more white artist charting in that genre. Music (and everything in general) shouldn't be about skin color, but as we living in a world where color can be a challenge for those who are born with a darker skin, then credits should be given correctly, and real music history should be teach instead of that euro-centric music theory that kids learn in school. But for that, lots of minds need to change, and that takes a long time over multiple generation.
Yummy Food Secrets
Yummy Food Secrets پیش ماه
Jack Banks
Jack Banks پیش ماه
How asain people made rock and roll
Vani Jay
Vani Jay پیش ماه
*There should be a new rule on IRpost. If you dislike a video, you have to say why in the comment section*
Squan Tosh
Squan Tosh پیش ماه
@2277fallout 100% It's a modern illness - 'Explain why you dislike something relating to black people!'
2277fallout پیش ماه
Because it's a completely one sided video acting like blacks invented the entire genre instead of just saying how it influenced it's creation. You're just doing the exact same thing as White people who act like black people had no impact on country music or it's creation. In short, the video is just biased garbage.
E Andrews
E Andrews پیش ماه
Not one mention of Charlie pride!? 🤨
Wren پیش ماه
Learning the history of the banjo blew my mind. It’s the stereotypical “white person” instrument, yet it came from Africans and African Americans. Would highly recommend Rhiannon Giddens to anyone looking for modern Black Country artists
Garrett Carrico
Garrett Carrico پیش 18 روز
@DeaconFlash I think you’re confused. Why would I listen to music I don’t like? All of the artists I mentioned make great music regardless of their skin color. They just happen to represent older eras of music in a contemporary fashion. I enjoy lots of different styles and genres and some of the artists just happen to be black. The Native Daughters project is made up of four younger women who are of color exploring their ancestorial roots through music.... and it’s great. It’s important to understand where you come from otherwise how are you going to know where you’re going? You’re the one that’s making this about race. Come back when you have something intelligent to bring to the conversation otherwise we are done here.
DeaconFlash پیش 18 روز
@Garrett Carrico listen to music you like because it's good not because of who's making it.
Garrett Carrico
Garrett Carrico پیش 18 روز
@DeaconFlash ?
DeaconFlash پیش 18 روز
@Garrett Carrico XD
Garrett Carrico
Garrett Carrico پیش 18 روز
@DeaconFlash More like artists that are carrying the torch of African and Americana roots. HUGE DIFFERENCE 🙄
Davida Rose
Davida Rose پیش ماه
More like CREATED country music
Japonesa پیش ماه
Thank the Marlboro man.... 😑
Justin Ramel
Justin Ramel پیش ماه
We are literally the roots of most musical genres. 🤷🏽‍♂️ This country would be nothing without the influence of black people.
Random Name idk
Random Name idk پیش ماه
Same thing with white people
drawwing پیش ماه
100 percent!
James Matthew
James Matthew پیش ماه
""whoever is reading this, God bless you and your family""
Trace McG
Trace McG پیش ماه
she didn't mention Charley Pride. i used to love him back in the 60s & 70s.
drawwing پیش ماه
@Ms. Sanchez Pride is probably one the top 10 Country Singers of all time. He needs a biopic movie! His stories have been told many times in interviews and documentarys. But he deserves the "Walk the Line" Treatment.
Billy Sou
Billy Sou پیش ماه
Was about to say that.
Ms. Sanchez
Ms. Sanchez پیش ماه
That's the first Black country music singer I thought of when I read the title. Remember him as a child growing up in the '70s, my late aunt used to have his album.
Doggieworld3 پیش ماه
Watch/listen to Dolly, Linda Rondstrat, glen campbell, Marty robins, etc. just go back and check out the foundation and evolution, Old Town Road is a silly excuse for country genre.
Shakira Dean
Shakira Dean پیش ماه
Greendro Tha Bro
Greendro Tha Bro پیش ماه
Oh yeah it Black History Month that's why they are talking about this I already knew about this topic its true the blues influence changed the landscape of country music as we know today.
a J
a J پیش ماه
now African Americans never had a “ country” sound because they weren’t born and aren’t ancestors of the white country dudes. Country has a sound specifically a southern/ white sound and that’s not bad blues and jazz requires more brains than country anyways so who the hell cares?
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
I say this with all disrespect, you're a dodo ☺️
Spice Gyal Lili
Spice Gyal Lili پیش ماه
They don’t have to be ancestors of white country dudes to have a country sound. They were right there with them, picking their cotton and learning to speak english just like them. They are as country as anybody else. Country is not white. Country is southern. Both blacks and whites were in the south. Why do you think the modern Ebonics accent and the Southern accent sound so similar?
Carlos Munoz
Carlos Munoz پیش ماه
Country music comes from Mexico
Cillian Browne
Cillian Browne پیش 13 روز
@Carlos Munoz alright can you link proof it would be interesting to read up on
Carlos Munoz
Carlos Munoz پیش 13 روز
@Cillian Browne nope wrong. Just like cowboys. That came from Mexico as well
Cillian Browne
Cillian Browne پیش 13 روز
It comes from many different places because music helps connect everyone and a whole genre of music will come from many places
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan پیش ماه
There goes the neighborhood
sky shae
sky shae پیش ماه
Why didn’t I learn this in school? I swear the school system is white washed 😒 oh and since those statues are taken down and all we need to change the history books those books are just lies well some of them. Happy black History Month.
Chees پیش 26 روز
“Black history month” PFFFFFFFF HAHAHHAHA WHAT HISTORY??????
Dale Darcy
Dale Darcy پیش ماه
I don’t think anybody learned about country music in school.
Crispiest crouton
Crispiest crouton پیش ماه
I really and truly hope this is satire
PedritoElMaldito پیش ماه
Not at all a fan of buzzfeed but this was pretty well done and hopefully will garner some attention to some serious issues plaguing one of my favorite genres
Evon Williams
Evon Williams پیش ماه
Thank you for sharing
ukfinest123 پیش ماه
Lots of Trump Proud Boys supporter dislikes
Miles Hall
Miles Hall پیش ماه
Now do rock and roll
Onizen پیش ماه
It's cool. Country music sounds the same today anyway. We're fine without it lol
Dale Darcy
Dale Darcy پیش ماه
Then you’ve been listening to the wrong country. Country is having a massive indie revival and some of those artists are beginning to sell out full stadiums.
marie g
marie g پیش ماه
not a fan of country but this is interesting
⟬⟭Eliana Logothetis ⟭⟬
⟬⟭Eliana Logothetis ⟭⟬ پیش ماه
Lee N
Lee N پیش ماه
Ah man... I love us🤎
⟬⟭Eliana Logothetis ⟭⟬
⟬⟭Eliana Logothetis ⟭⟬ پیش ماه
Those who disliked this don’t know how to be human
LeoDaGoat پیش ماه
@Cole Warnick anything is "race baiting" when it involves people of color to racists
Bean پیش ماه
@Cole Warnick definitely more so than usual, as I said less than others.
Cole Warnick
Cole Warnick پیش ماه
@Bean this isn’t race baiting. Just talking about black history mate.
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
@Alexandria Ocasio Smollet shame.
Amb3rLuv پیش ماه
@Bean this is history. I guess you either don't understand or you hate history.
Gaurav Dhingra
Gaurav Dhingra پیش ماه
Such a racist video to offend Whites and Browns!
Kasey E
Kasey E پیش ماه
The United States of America ✨
Jacob kyle
Jacob kyle پیش ماه
Thanks for the story
dragonlover3 پیش ماه
Great job
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