Pregnant People Try The Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

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Pickle sandwich? Sauerkraut on Snickers? When will the insanity end?
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Capricorn Of January 4th Bakugou vs Deku
Capricorn Of January 4th Bakugou vs Deku پیش 2 روز
I started feeling faint as soon as the chocolate and sourkraut came up. 🤮
your friendly neighbour
your friendly neighbour پیش 2 روز
Me who's not planning to get pregnant but still watches this
Ananya پیش 2 روز
hear me out: chocos and hot sauce🔥
Angie Bylan
Angie Bylan پیش 2 روز
I love this asian lady ❤️
YO DADDY پیش 3 روز
My baby momma had a thing for tacos and washing it down with pickle juice.
Hahha_ Reynea
Hahha_ Reynea پیش 5 روز
I think we all eat cheetos and yogurt together...
Samantha Danielle
Samantha Danielle پیش 6 روز
Honestly the pickle sandwich with cream cheese would be great
Jaylene پیش 7 روز
I ate Doritos with jalapenos or Pizza with Jalapenos and a box of Honey Buns a Day
Rose پیش 8 روز
Wow so you cant even say women anymore even though the transmen who have babies are probably 0,001 % of the population.
Kimberly Van Horn
Kimberly Van Horn پیش 9 روز
Pickles and peanut butter is an iconic combination that I’ve enjoyed since my mom introduced me to it as a child. So underrated. You just have to use the right pickles. There’s a science to it. Just saying.
Aisha Harrell
Aisha Harrell پیش 9 روز
So nobody was going to tell the lady her snickers bar is old and she shouldn’t be at it💀
Shining Star
Shining Star پیش 10 روز
The one in the blue is being a little too bratty ( can't complain they are pregnant) but not to mention the food waste done by the blue!! Ouff why must you smear so much of the food( dips/ sauce), when clearly there are chances you might not like them? So much food waste, I'm cringing!!
Nida Sada
Nida Sada پیش 11 روز
She grew up in the Philippines?!?? Woah, didn't expect that.
Ellen _
Ellen _ پیش 11 روز
I’m 20 and don’t plan on having kids for like 10 years but I love watching videos like this.
glen glen
glen glen پیش 12 روز
Lady in blue does not pass the vibe check
Dixie Connington
Dixie Connington پیش 12 روز
I don't like sushi but I craved it the entire time I was pregnant
Ruby Annas
Ruby Annas پیش 12 روز
Food aversions are also a thing. When my mom was pregnant with my sister she couldn't stand mayo. Not even the sight oe smell. That's shocking bc she always loved it before (and does now again) and my grandparents put it on every sandwich
Kelly Ariola
Kelly Ariola پیش 13 روز
I’ve never been pregnant but vanilla ice cream + gravy tastes reaaaaaally good! 😁
Tiramisu پیش 13 روز
Bon appetit- I mean tasty
niamhs mummy
niamhs mummy پیش 14 روز
I used to love pickled onion crisps on toffee cheesecake when I was pregnant
Any One
Any One پیش 14 روز
My cravings were so boring. Just, like, Vietnamese food. Every day if possible.
Alexa Kane
Alexa Kane پیش 15 روز
I ate pickle sandwiches (with butter)😂😂
Bella Bee
Bella Bee پیش 15 روز
I kinda wanna try the Cheeto and yogurt one, and I’m not even pregnant 😅
Francisca Jeraldo
Francisca Jeraldo پیش 16 روز
I’m not embarrassed to say that I eat the pickle sandwich at least once a month
Alicia Luxxx
Alicia Luxxx پیش 19 روز
You can have sushi pregnant lol as long as it's not raw fish like California rolls, tempura shrimp rolls, plus any vegetarian rolls.
Kai Fox
Kai Fox پیش 19 روز
im sorry but why was that ones chocolate WHITE that means it went bad OR it was made like that
lia lee
lia lee پیش 21 روز
So this might be weird ... But my mom says she craved ashes when she was pregnant with me ... I blame the ashes for me being the way I am today
curly curl
curly curl پیش 11 روز
Shamma Azmi
Shamma Azmi پیش 21 روز
I craved salt and red chilli pepper on EVERYTHING!
Abcde Kye
Abcde Kye پیش 21 روز
11:00 literally kombucha girl 😂
TheCarlScharnberg پیش 22 روز
"Pregnant *people.*" Interesting.
Brittani پیش 23 روز
As a pregnant woman just seeing the food didn’t sit well with me. Props to you guys for trying it all!!
lbednaz پیش 23 روز
Pre-pregnancy hated Bleu cheese, pregnant loved popcorn dipped in it, after delivering hate Bleu cheese!
Emmi Chan
Emmi Chan پیش 24 روز
*Cries in Hypermesis Gravidarum*
Arabella Tommy
Arabella Tommy پیش 24 روز
The spurious mimosa ideally release because larch especially tempt next a deeply paint. pumped, ossified railway
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 25 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 25 روز
TheClumsyJedi پیش 26 روز
I've had some pretty weird cravings at only 12 weeks...the weirdest so far was fresh raspberries dipped in vegan nacho cheese...oof. Also have dipped Oreos in strawberry yogurt. YUM.
Angelo DiMeo
Angelo DiMeo پیش 26 روز
Pregnant "people"? There are only two genders and only women can get pregnant
Besties World
Besties World پیش 27 روز
I love how black and white is so open minded and blue is just being bratty about everything
Anna Bella
Anna Bella پیش 27 روز
🤢 sardines
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 27 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 27 روز
Ella Parent
Ella Parent پیش 28 روز
I am 15 and not pregnant and I had a pickle and mayo sandwich for lunch one day and enjoyed it bc I like pickles 😋
Jeffrey Tamayo
Jeffrey Tamayo پیش 29 روز
That weird pregnancy craving is called "paglilihi" in the Philippines
VibeOutW Nay
VibeOutW Nay پیش ماه
Not Pregnant But I’m A Huge Stoner & Most Of Theses I Eat ... Takis With Icecream Or Yogurts Is Great ! I Do That With Fries & Frosties
Quant Quant
Quant Quant پیش ماه
Hot Cheetos gave me a HORRID and TRAUMATIC result while I was pregnant. I will never eat them again. 😪😢
Quant Quant
Quant Quant پیش 29 روز
@Bandit Xxxx My stomach was on fire and that fire transferred to.... well the 🚽 ... hot, red, horrid fire..... I grew up on hot Cheetos 😢 So unfortunate.
Bandit Xxxx
Bandit Xxxx پیش 29 روز
What happened?
Rai Anindya
Rai Anindya پیش ماه
I’m shocked they are pregnant
The Life of Valley
The Life of Valley پیش ماه
They sell fruit in hot sauce on the streets in New York
PandaCub پیش ماه
Why doesn’t Buzzfeed use the word “woman” anymore? Only biological women get pregnant. There aren’t many trans men that get pregnant after they’ve transitioned. If you believe you’re born as the wrong sex and you’re unhappy then it’s fine if you want to live as the opposite sex. But why would you want to get pregnant, thus reminded of your biological sex, if you want to live as a man? I’ve spoken to some trans people and they’re confused by this too!
someone new now
someone new now پیش ماه
Woke drama....cuz its offensive to trans women who think they are women
xo love Annie
xo love Annie پیش ماه
i NEVER had weird cravings. I craved lime popsicles and MEXICAN FOOD the hotter the better and i dont even like mexican food.
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter پیش ماه
I'm at the pulled pork vanilla ice cream combo... I'm not even pregnant and I'm starting to feel queasy...
TheaterLover14 پیش ماه
They needed a nonpregnant person to make sure this wasn't completely crazy 🤣
Madison Decker
Madison Decker پیش ماه
I’m currently pregnant. I’m currently craving nachos,but the other day I was craving normal cheese and yogurt. Yes ik it’s werid but it taste preety good
Organizedbedlam پیش ماه
There is some great sushi out there without fish in it, I eat it all the time, my favorites are daikon radish, Inari, Tamago, marinated mushrooms and cucumber.
Ikram Hagi
Ikram Hagi پیش ماه
White people just made western rujak with kiwis & their western sambal
Plumbixie پیش ماه
Buzzfeed has changed for the worse
Soo Hee Kim
Soo Hee Kim پیش ماه
It's not odd enough if i compare it with my mom's friend craved when she was pregnant. She literally craved to eat a SOAP AND DRINK A FREAKIN COUGH SYRUP MEDICINE! P.s sorry for my english 😅
swoosh پیش ماه
pickles and peanut butter sandwich is top tier. shoutout my friends pregnant mom for putting me on that
heyitsA پیش ماه
idk i ate sushi wen i was pregnant just not sashimi...also it was strictly vegan sushi.
Never Mind
Never Mind پیش ماه
They look high
AsiyahAsh پیش ماه
cheetos with sour cream is my heaven LOL
Shalyn Tomlinson
Shalyn Tomlinson پیش ماه
My mom craved ketchup. She would put it on everything.... pizza, toast, eggs, in her soup....... by the spoonful.
Khyati پیش ماه
11:05 the face
Lexi Brooke
Lexi Brooke پیش ماه
When I was pregnant I would make pickle grilled cheese 🤤
Lexi Brooke
Lexi Brooke پیش ماه
@Chynna Lee it's SOO good
Chynna Lee
Chynna Lee پیش ماه
Omg that sounds bomb!!!!
Jodi Donaldson
Jodi Donaldson پیش ماه
Why did the asian lady's snickers bar look dusty?
Sana Omar
Sana Omar پیش ماه
It must be kept in the fridge. It was cold hard
Kalibumpashards پیش ماه
My pregnancy craving is crushed ice 🧊 🤤
Ollie پیش ماه
Kiwi and hot sauce is not that surprising... lots of hispanic people eat fruits with chili powder (tajin) or salt
KAASH Carr پیش ماه
This was so awesome 💐You ladies look beautiful ❤️ good luck and congratulations 💓💓
Fatima Choudhury
Fatima Choudhury پیش ماه
I looooved sweet pickled dipped in chocolate cool whip and cool ranch Doritos with maple syrup
Hanna L
Hanna L پیش ماه
You should eat vegan sushi 🍱 it can fill the craving. My favorite is a peanut avocado sushi
Chloe Purdie
Chloe Purdie پیش ماه
They add sooooo much sauce on everything, no wonder it tastes horrible
Chaun T
Chaun T پیش ماه
Liked before I watched! Cool!
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel پیش ماه
While pregnant I found a love for spice. I wanted hot cheetos and had NO spice tolerance. To this day Im a slice head. However I have always loved odd food. Like mustard on s'mores. That's amazing. Burn a marshmallow to a blackened crisp and then squirt mustard on it. YUM!!
Marianne پیش ماه
The hot cheetos in yogurt....I like dipping fruit in ranch and I feel like thats a similar vibe
Mohamed Abdourahman
Mohamed Abdourahman پیش 8 روز
Not to mention that dairy is used to help with spicy food so the yougurt diluted the strength of the cheetos.
Kate F
Kate F پیش ماه
I had zero cravings my whole pregnancy so pregnancy cravings are strange enough but most of these....I would've been sick thinking about them
Paige Rowe
Paige Rowe پیش ماه
Not to be one of those people but like my comment if the smell of either chicken or other meats made you super sick
Jess1025 پیش ماه
Honest question: are pregnancy cravings similar to weird combos you make while high?
Camille D
Camille D پیش ماه
Yes! 😂
Hello Kitti
Hello Kitti پیش ماه
Moral of the story: different pregnant women like different pregnancy cravings.
I’m not pregnant but I’m on my period and the twinkies and ranch sounds nice
Laura K-E
Laura K-E پیش ماه
I'm pregnant right now and even with my previous pregnancy, I never had weird cravings. I just want things I CAN'T have like salmon sushi and smoked fish. Weirdest thing is that I crave chocolate LESS now that I'm pregnant. wth. LOL
TigerzEye226 پیش ماه
Cholula!!! The bomb 😍😍
TigerzEye226 پیش ماه
I think these weird combos happen because the babys /moms need something that they’re not getting & “normal” food combos don’t hit those marks maybe... I can’t think of any other reason that would make sense (to me) hahah
Smitty Basquiat
Smitty Basquiat پیش ماه
At the beginning of my first trimester , I loved chocolate pudding and Funyuns so I might try these 😂
Ka Bao Yang
Ka Bao Yang پیش ماه
My co worker used to eat pickles with ice cream when she was pregnant.
Ally Boyd
Ally Boyd پیش ماه
I'm pregnant some of this i'm like eh no!! I can't stand pasta sauce so to me when i saw it I was like nope!! The Cheetos and yogurt tho I wanna try it.
kimchi پیش ماه
awkward moment when ur not even pregnant but some of these look really really good to you O_O
Anindya Liesa
Anindya Liesa پیش ماه
Sauerkraut and pizza combo is amazing imo
Katerina پیش ماه
I feel like this video isn’t even safe to watch while pregnant 😂 I’m feeling extra nauseous!!!!!
C J پیش ماه
Katerina پیش ماه
Lol the only thing I’ve craved was RED MEATS!!! GIVE ME ALL THE BLOODY PROTEIN!!!
Jazlin Martinez
Jazlin Martinez پیش ماه
The pregnant woman must have only had those items in their pantry & they wanted a snack & couldn’t decide so they put it together lol
Mikayla Bastian
Mikayla Bastian پیش ماه
pregnant women never cease to amaze me
309nicole پیش ماه
My pregnancy craving was a medjool date with a slice of cheddar cheese and some sriracha on top. Delectable!
Camille D
Camille D پیش ماه
Ohhh that sounds good 🤤 (yes I'm pregnant)
Lexa Rico
Lexa Rico پیش ماه
OMG, I am so happy for you. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Miss you going around NYC and asking people what they think about your outfits.
Courtney Crouse
Courtney Crouse پیش ماه
You can still eat California rolls because they only have imitation crab meat in them (obviously make sure you check the ingredients just to be sure its imitation crab) also there are places that have cooked sushi options, just don't eat more than the recommended amount of seafood per week and you should be fine eating the cooked sushi
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan پیش ماه
So many vegetarian offerings.
Kerry Bleu Scy
Kerry Bleu Scy پیش ماه
I craved tex mex, fruit loops and bananas
Ariana K
Ariana K پیش ماه
It’s pregnant women , men can’t have babies . The title of this video is so disgraceful .
Bailee پیش ماه
Ok real quick question, when you think of the state Virginia, what do you think about? For example like saying you’re thinking about Texas you think about rodeos cowgirls cowboys, or for California you think a big cities big fancy people big rich houses. What are y’all think about when you think about Virginia? Super random so sorry
Bailee پیش ماه
@Ivana Venegas well what do you think about the people 😂 like how would they act?
Ivana Venegas
Ivana Venegas پیش ماه
The office and George Washington for some reason
Laura Fox
Laura Fox پیش ماه
I feel nauseous.
Yvonne Allen
Yvonne Allen پیش ماه
As a fellow prego, the vanilla pudding and pasta sauce made my stomach turn and I gagged.
Michaela پیش ماه
As someone who is pregnant.. I could only tolerate the pickle sandwich.. maybe the saurkraut pizza. Yikes..
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