Trying An Oyster Loaf Sandwich From The Oldest Cookbook

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What's cooking in the 1800's??
Produced By Beryl Shereshewsky:
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pancake devil
pancake devil پیش 4 روز
page 69 lmao
Diamond Walker
Diamond Walker پیش 7 روز
Why didn’t she season it
Jan پیش 16 روز
Oyster on page 69..... omg
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 21 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 21 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 21 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 21 روز
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez پیش 26 روز
This looks like a cheap clam chowder.
ariy1100 ariy1100
ariy1100 ariy1100 پیش 27 روز
ha the recipe was on the funny number69696969696969696
boq597kul ;sid'neq
boq597kul ;sid'neq پیش ماه
The infamous haircut complimentarily suspend because recorder rhetorically detect during a bite-sized dredger. voiceless, late letter
Sam S
Sam S پیش ماه
Love her earrings!
jack h
jack h پیش ماه
is that a rice grain in her hair at the start?
Fritz Ubugan
Fritz Ubugan پیش ماه
Parang tanga lang..
Rebekah Pressler
Rebekah Pressler پیش ماه
In the medieval period they used bread crumbs as opposed to say flour in order to thicken sauces - this is some sort of later derivative of those times.. :)
Michael Donahue
Michael Donahue پیش ماه
Not a far cry from chowder in a bread bowl, only toasted. So yeah, probably tasty and filling.
Maisha Nanjeeba
Maisha Nanjeeba پیش ماه
Does this video seem a bit awkward to anyone 😳.......only me....ok
alfa alvisena
alfa alvisena پیش ماه
Me:hmm yes the great big story girl
Goddess Free Spirit
Goddess Free Spirit پیش ماه
I wouldn’t have put that much water and seasoning is everything 😭
The Average Gamer
The Average Gamer پیش ماه
Page 69 you say 🤔
Melissa Foh
Melissa Foh پیش ماه
It's great Beryl is getting recognition from Buzzfeed. I love her channel
Al Brown
Al Brown پیش ماه
NJ has a yearly shad run festival that you are welcomed to attend.
Mick B
Mick B پیش ماه
Heard BuzzFeed laying hundreds of people off...nice..very very very nice!
Jackie Tran
Jackie Tran پیش ماه
That’s just calm chowder w oyster
Steve Criddle
Steve Criddle پیش ماه
"We do not have structural integrity here"
The Hungry Ferret
The Hungry Ferret پیش ماه
oyster chowder in a bread bowl? a pre-modern version of the clam chowder in a bread bowl?
Its JustAGame
Its JustAGame پیش ماه
Haha funny 69
Jessica Lin
Jessica Lin پیش ماه
please hire her
Alexandra Christine
Alexandra Christine پیش ماه
Do this again!
Salty and Sweet
Salty and Sweet پیش ماه
beryl is the best. so happy for her!
Jacob Beck
Jacob Beck پیش ماه
That’s interesting... looks like a mini bread bowl from Panera.
thevlture پیش ماه
Socialists learning that making payroll takes profit and money. Priceless. Get woke go broke. Enjoy those layoffs and bread lines, Buzzfeed.
AbelToDoWork پیش ماه
Someone needs a hair net. 2:08
DoeRaeMe پیش ماه
Now, this is quite the sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😋
Polina Lukash
Polina Lukash پیش ماه
Next time when u try again should add some chop onions, black pepper and salt. Sure will taste even better 👍
Asger Hougård Mikkelsen
Asger Hougård Mikkelsen پیش ماه
Beryl you like everything even that demon scrambled egg custard
엄손TV 토종약용수
엄손TV 토종약용수 پیش ماه
반갑습니다. 영상잘보고갑니다. 늘건강하시고 유투브도 승승장구하시길 응원합니다.👍
Hanif Sulistiyo
Hanif Sulistiyo پیش ماه
Replace the oysters with mushrooms and you've got yourself a good meal
femaletrouble پیش ماه
Historical recipes has quickly become kind of an obsession for me as of late. I would love if you did this kind of thing on your regular channel, Beryl!
Shadiqa Dewa
Shadiqa Dewa پیش ماه
0:37 w-w-what....??
Dilyn Swan
Dilyn Swan پیش ماه
Love Beryl! Always
Lalalala la 245
Lalalala la 245 پیش ماه
Isn’t this host from great big story?
RedStone576 پیش ماه
yeah but gbs are closed
Shubh Dugar
Shubh Dugar پیش ماه
Page 69? Laughs in Kevin malone 😌
Sascha پیش ماه
2:08 the hair
Caroline Sereno
Caroline Sereno پیش ماه
beryl!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Amielle Aguirre
Amielle Aguirre پیش ماه
I really miss Great Big Story ♡♡♡
theblurredlights پیش ماه
Way better than a S'moyster, I bet.
Haziq Zulkifli
Haziq Zulkifli پیش ماه
Dr. Zions Son
Dr. Zions Son پیش ماه
69 nice
shamapes پیش ماه
LOVE oysters- raw-deep fried-pan fried-smoked- with the exception of dried or pickled (if they existed) So I jumped to your video on making a sammie from it. Looks good- I might want to try it- with the addition of salt and pepper :)💕🦪💕🦪💕🦪💕🦪💕🦪💕🦪💕
MsLazyllama101 پیش ماه
I remember this book well... My honors thesis was an analysis of America cookbooks throughout American history to examine how the definition of"American food" has evolved.
Karly Q
Karly Q پیش ماه
I would totally read your paper! that sounds like such a cool and interesting topic! thesis statements can be so hard to pick/settle on sometimes, awesome choice
Panjo Gómez
Panjo Gómez پیش ماه
0:58 nice
Vanida Kotimanusvanij
Vanida Kotimanusvanij پیش ماه
raw Oysters look so disgusting to me . I will never ever eat a raw oyster
Twixx پیش ماه
David Huff
David Huff پیش ماه
This was esp. interesting because I'm related to the Randolph family of Virginia on my Mother's side. And who wouldn't love what's basically oyster chowder in a bread bowl ?
gamerjohn112 پیش ماه
I love how she said she wouldn’t make it again and then she said, actually I would try it again lol 😂.
Amanda O'Fallon
Amanda O'Fallon پیش ماه
I feel like this is how oysters rockefeller eventually evolved.
B F پیش ماه
“Oldest cookbook” … “1824” LOL, alright, let’s ignore the hundreds of cookbooks that are older than that, and the thousands of recipe books older than that.
Shenini پیش ماه
@recoil53 no i agree with him, but its the title not the girl. Total clickbait I thought we were gonna get some GoT type recipe lmao
recoil53 پیش ماه
Except she didn't say oldest cookbook period. It's America's oldest regional cookbook.
Elvie F.
Elvie F. پیش ماه
I kind of laughed because 'it's like getting dorito's at the gas station' except Beryl ate the bag with the chips. That loaf would have been like a coffin or a serving bow, not something you actually ate. :D
Annalee Robbins
Annalee Robbins پیش ماه
I want another video
lmao aye
lmao aye پیش ماه
I miss GreatBigStory ☹️
Ben A
Ben A پیش ماه
Why were oysters so popular back then?
Shannon S
Shannon S پیش ماه
So it's kinda like oyster stew in a bread bowl.
Sayak Chakraborty
Sayak Chakraborty پیش ماه
Townsend's: Where's the nutmeg?
Marcos Gabriel Santos
Marcos Gabriel Santos پیش ماه
2:08 I saw a hair in the bread, can't watch anymore!
Kate Lamb
Kate Lamb پیش 29 روز
Damn you have some sharp ass eagle eyes!!😳🤣💯
starsdaisuki پیش ماه
So happy to see Beryl again ❤️
Zachary Procter
Zachary Procter پیش ماه
the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith
the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith پیش ماه
Your making me hungry that looks so delicious
Dan Illahi
Dan Illahi پیش ماه
Okay. We all have slow notifications.
Praise Mustapha
Praise Mustapha پیش ماه
So basically oyster-chowder in a bread bowl, tough
IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】
IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】 پیش ماه
The cookbook might be old, but I hope the oyster wasn't as old as the cookbook! haha
Some Guy
Some Guy پیش ماه
Needs garlic
Summer Prentiss
Summer Prentiss پیش ماه
Is it just me or are the audio cuts awkward to anyone else
132 Syed Wasif Hussain
132 Syed Wasif Hussain پیش ماه
Love all her videos, this one is no exception :)
Kellz K
Kellz K پیش ماه
Bro she got some rice or someshit in her hair on the right side of her head 😂
Ali Al-Wazzan
Ali Al-Wazzan پیش ماه
hey buzzfeed
Glen And Friends Cooking
Glen And Friends Cooking پیش ماه
I was expecting an older recipe from an older recipe book... Pshaw, 1824... I'm laughing in 1600's.
Lyndonology پیش ماه
The collab I never know I wanted. Beryl and Glen would be epic!!
Beryl Shereshewsky
Beryl Shereshewsky پیش ماه
@Glen And Friends Cooking love it! 🤩
Glen And Friends Cooking
Glen And Friends Cooking پیش ماه
@Beryl Shereshewsky I have shelves of old cookbooks going back to the 1600s - perhaps after the borders re-open we could do a collab video?
Beryl Shereshewsky
Beryl Shereshewsky پیش ماه
@Glen And Friends Cooking I love your show!! I wanna try another older recipe I learned so much doing this is there one you’d recommend?
Glen And Friends Cooking
Glen And Friends Cooking پیش ماه
@Beryl Shereshewsky Just playing around - we do an old cookbook show.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh پیش ماه
Like WTF! I have my finals tomorrow and im here😑💔
정윤서 پیش ماه
The 1% of you guys reading this, you will all have a great thing coming up in your life ✨✨✨
S&S Channel
S&S Channel پیش ماه
Thanks for your tips and recipe. Simple and usefull
Maya mun
Maya mun پیش ماه
"What's a shad?" Stardew Valley Players: Oh yeah, it's all coming together.
Jaye Vee
Jaye Vee پیش ماه
More like a precursor to oyster stew... in a bread bowl. Also, how does a food enthusiast on (I assume) the East Coast not know what a shad is? Or shad roe, for that matter?
Mustafa Ghizawi
Mustafa Ghizawi پیش ماه
ah yes, page 69 came in clutch again 😁
Daniel Lacombe
Daniel Lacombe پیش ماه
@2:08 ..there is a hair in your mix loll
Chexit پیش ماه
Oysters were considered a poor person's food before they became trendy, so this would have probably been a real cheap meal back then. Great video! 👍
Jacob Beck
Jacob Beck پیش ماه
F2kqur پیش ماه
Good cream
Lala Abdullayeva
Lala Abdullayeva پیش ماه
Lol, it is not the oldest cookbook
Tina Tee
Tina Tee پیش ماه
She said “oldest published regional cookbook”, there are a lot of qualifiers there.
KoRo? پیش ماه
She's here as well. also Nice recipe
kennitta holden
kennitta holden پیش ماه
I love you where ever you go ❤️
AFH Waschmann
AFH Waschmann پیش ماه
Raphaela Berson
Raphaela Berson پیش ماه
Beryl Shereshewsky
Beryl Shereshewsky پیش ماه
@Raphaela Berson yah!!!
Beryl Shereshewsky
Beryl Shereshewsky پیش ماه
@Roman Corey I have my own channel! :) Its under my name: Beryl Shereshewsky
Raphaela Berson
Raphaela Berson پیش ماه
@elizabeth dorbe Yay! I'm so happy to hear that
elizabeth dorbe
elizabeth dorbe پیش ماه
She has her own channel now🙌 I think she is only collaborating with Buzzfeed 🎉
Roman Corey
Roman Corey پیش ماه
Great Big Story shut down so maybe she might start working there?
Ver Ver
Ver Ver پیش ماه
They chose page 69 for a reason-
Ben Feeney
Ben Feeney پیش ماه
How to make a nice biscuit Not a mean one A nice one
bowsuphigh پیش ماه
i clicked thinking it was Beryls channel. got very confused when she said buzzfeed
Palak Malviya
Palak Malviya پیش ماه
Same 😂
Ben Feeney
Ben Feeney پیش ماه
Unfortunately I’m never gonna be an oyster person
Jen D
Jen D پیش ماه
I think that should say “thankfully” instead of “unfortunately” 😂
TheGlitchItself پیش ماه
6 views, 46 likes, 44 comments? Yea IRpost is drunk
Allenmoyashides پیش ماه
Tbh i kinda miss great big story...
Beryl Shereshewsky
Beryl Shereshewsky پیش ماه
Aho Fujoshi
Aho Fujoshi پیش ماه
Oyster are meant to be eaten fresh and raw with lemon an salt and nothing can't change my mind
David Nejedly
David Nejedly پیش ماه
Johnfromafar پیش ماه
Isn't this the girl from great big story
PrZha Jaff
PrZha Jaff پیش ماه
ILike vidos
Sam Elle
Sam Elle پیش ماه
BERYL IM OBSESSED WITH YOUR CHANNEL!!! Idk why I expected this to be like a lobster roll?? I don't think oyster rolls exist??
Sam Elle
Sam Elle پیش ماه
@Tina Tee I’ve never had a po boy!!! I want to go to New Orleans one day to try it!!!
Tina Tee
Tina Tee پیش ماه
Oyster po boys. Fried oyster sandwich. Closest you’ll get I think
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