What It Feels Like To Have A Heart Attack

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A life-altering experience.
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Heart attack
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kioshy پیش 6 روز
Recently a coworker had one at work, damn i panicked, he is okay now, ambulance was there in time 🙏🏻
The Moss Group
The Moss Group پیش 7 روز
What an incredible story!!!!!!!
sexiibaby پیش 9 روز
I had my first heart attack at 29,I have sickle cell so that why I have them. My experience was very different though.
zainab bello
zainab bello پیش 11 روز
How can someone dislike this video
pheladi پیش 12 روز
she’s south african i can tell
Beatrice Jones
Beatrice Jones پیش 12 روز
The waiting society postsynaptically note because wolf booly detect above a freezing governor. different, lyrical packet
Vernissa Hosten-Augustine
Vernissa Hosten-Augustine پیش 15 روز
me: man that sounds terrifying :( i hope that never happens to anyone else also me:*proceeds to eat my popeyes*
Lil Tecca
Lil Tecca پیش 18 روز
My poppy is 77 and loved through 2 heart attacks and a heart transplant. Hes a trooper
joanofvocals پیش 21 روز
terrifying is an understatement. i'm so glad she's okay.
Scarlett Adams
Scarlett Adams پیش 23 روز
My sister thought we all got heart attacks at 20
Orochi پیش 24 روز
Watching this makes my heart beat faster
sara banana
sara banana پیش 25 روز
Allah is the only god
꧁IᴛᴢMᴏᴄʜᴀ꧂ پیش 18 روز
Anne Overton
Anne Overton پیش 25 روز
the EMTs telling her she was fine when she was having a literal heart attack is a perfect example of medical racism. this has been happening to Black folks, especially women, for centuries. medical professionals dismiss pain and other symptoms, and in worst cases, this racist negligence kills.
Shae Nash
Shae Nash پیش 25 روز
Pulmonary embolism isn’t fun to experience either
Chelsea Hutchinson
Chelsea Hutchinson پیش 27 روز
Is she South African?
Navyl Fyrmnsyh
Navyl Fyrmnsyh پیش 27 روز
BalancedLion Maiden
BalancedLion Maiden پیش 27 روز
Bless you! I’m 29, and right before I turned 29 a few months ago I got diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. My health deteriorated quickly, the meds weren’t working. Long story short, I had a heart transplant just a little over a month ago. I’m doing great now!
T_World پیش 27 روز
She sounds like she is from South Africa 🇿🇦
SPQR پیش 28 روز
I know the feeling. From a normal routine to intense pain due to the plaque breaking off and blocking an artery. Imagine having a turnakit wrapped around your arm and not being released, your body weight on your chest and dripping in sweat. The issue I had was time delay but luckily or as much luck as you can get from having a attack the ambulance had a EKG as standard and went straight to the hospital. You also want to hope you get to a hospital that has an interventional cardiologist ready to catherize. I didn't pay for anything but if i had to i would probably get another attack from the bill. Money can seem frivolous in those instances. At least some of us have had a preview. Anyways, it is what it is (and was). 😀
Shayla Joy
Shayla Joy پیش 29 روز
In Nov of 2019, at 40 yo, I had STEMI (widowmaker) and a SCAD too. All 3 of my left arteries are stented. I coded in the cath lab 4 times and I was in an induced coma for 10 days. The sweating started then the pain in my chest came so suddenly. I had no prior heart issues, no blockages, no warning. The absolute most scariest thing that's ever happened to me. I'm just glad to be alive!
Relebogile Monkwe
Relebogile Monkwe پیش 29 روز
I know a South African accent when I hear one... I'm glad you're okay. 🥺❤
Sierra Stone
Sierra Stone پیش 29 روز
My mom has SCAD and it’s crazy that this video came out. My family nor I had ever heard of this disease until my mom got diagnosed. I believe she had her first heart attack around 37 as well, and since has had 2 more. She is fighter though and is doing okay now. With SCAD they can come out of no where for no real reason at anytime
Melissa Pham
Melissa Pham پیش 29 روز
I can’t believe the paramedics gave the option to stay home even with those symptoms ....
Kira A.
Kira A. پیش 29 روز
Thank you for sharing this! Super brave and courageous
Phoenix پیش 29 روز
But I have felt that rock hitting ribs feeling before... 😱
꧁IᴛᴢMᴏᴄʜᴀ꧂ پیش 18 روز
I did too, but you didnt see black, or feel like your passing out, right?
elizabeth rosemary
elizabeth rosemary پیش 29 روز
What an absolutely lovely woman. Thank God she made it through
UrbanCarnage پیش ماه
I suffer from severe panic attacks and I'm always thinking "This is it for me I'm have a fatal heart attack"
enterpicks پیش ماه
wonder if gerd chest pain is comparable to heart attack chest pain O_o and yes i have gerd.
Katchme Ifyoucan
Katchme Ifyoucan پیش 29 روز
Hi enterpicks. I also have gerd and have been hospitalized for the pain twice. Both times I was given nitroglycerin. Since gerd affects the same muscle group, it works for heart attacks and gerd. I now take Protonix daily and am on a vegan/ GF lifestyle, that has helped me greatly . I hope this helped.
Ivana Mielniczuk
Ivana Mielniczuk پیش ماه
Hailstrum پیش ماه
Everyone who accidentally click on this video already knows
jasmine martinez
jasmine martinez پیش ماه
Thank god she's okay I can't imagine what it mustve felt like to have one of those in my family we have a strong line of diabetes im prediabetic if im not careful I could be at risk for heart disease in the future I'm 24 still young and healthy but I have to watch myself im actually right now scared, Scared for my life I have an anxiety disorder so my panic attacks feel like death I cant even begin to feel what those people that have survived heart attacks felt like all I can say is i am happy that u are ok
Aaras Von Monovski
Aaras Von Monovski پیش ماه
Women are always marginalized when it comes to medical emergencies. I'm so glad you went back and are okay now.
Jessica Vasquez
Jessica Vasquez پیش ماه
Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds eerily similar to my own experience with SCAD! I had tears in my eyes remembering what it was like to be told you’ve had a SCAD. Scary, but we are lucky survivors!
Mitzi 916
Mitzi 916 پیش ماه
Thank you for interviewing and bringing attention to SCAD. It's not uncommon for ER docs to not even consider a SCAD, we need to research the latest SCAD research so we can advocate for ourselves, even with cardiologists. I am a 4 yr survivor of a SCAD, I had mine at 59, although it typically happens to younger often postpartum women (and a handful of men.) I do not have High BP, Cholesterol, or Diabetes (common co-morbidities for a heart attack.) Mine was spiral dissection also in my LAD but thankfully no blockage other than the SCAD itself. I did not have the same crushing pain, I did have the profuse sweating, an ache between my shoulder blades and hearburn that wouldn't go away with OTC meds. Until I had the shock-like pain down my left arm, I denied I was having a heart attack. If I hadn't read womens' heart attack symptoms often differ from men in a meme on Facebook I may not be here today. I was medically managed for a year and cardiac rehab and yes, a SCAD support group to help me get to my new normal. I've read there is a 30 some percent chance of another SCAD, so the threat hangs over our heads every day. Getting the word out saves lives, as many ignore their symptoms, or their ER does.
Hot Dog
Hot Dog پیش ماه
My dad woke up in the middle of the night having a heart attack, he got back into bed and went back to sleep lol
Avaren پیش ماه
Glad you're here making this video. A childhood friend of mine just died from a heart attack at 38 😞
Brittany-Ann H
Brittany-Ann H پیش ماه
i'm so glad she is able to live her best life despite of a heart attack. she NEVER should have been like... given an option to go home. Like, I get COVID and all, but all those symptoms pointed to a problem.
D Diaz
D Diaz پیش ماه
god bless you this is such a scary story
scooby dicky
scooby dicky پیش ماه
the worst things for me is heart attack and seizures.
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas پیش ماه
Wow 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
kama nama
kama nama پیش ماه
May you have many blessings in your long and happy future
Eating Alaska
Eating Alaska پیش ماه
Thank you for sharing your story ❤
Tom Tomsan
Tom Tomsan پیش ماه
good job nice video
titotoenail پیش ماه
The God thing ruined it, but I am glad she's okay.
peachypink604 پیش ماه
Thanks for sharing your story. I'm really glad you're ok (physically at least) and have the support group.
Zarex Wolf
Zarex Wolf پیش ماه
I'm so happy she survived that. Though, I am truly hoping that doctors will run more, thorough, tests on people suffer similar symptoms so that you aren't just sent home after having a crushing pain.
Francis C
Francis C پیش ماه
Francis C
Francis C پیش ماه
@sansa that too, they’re still vessels of God :)
sansa پیش ماه
No. Trust the doctors and nurses.
Rare Pearl
Rare Pearl پیش ماه
Now a days heart attacks r counted as normal bcoz of its countless patients
Jonathan N
Jonathan N پیش ماه
god bless shes still okay
Goblin Billy
Goblin Billy پیش ماه
Thank you for sharing such a scary, life changing experience! Peace.
Roselyn Campisi
Roselyn Campisi پیش ماه
I am so happy that you are ok. Prayers my friend.
Lee steele
Lee steele پیش ماه
I feel for her that would of been horrible.
branxds پیش ماه
You can feel the pain in her voice.
S&S Channel
S&S Channel پیش ماه
Thanks for sharing us your experience.
Valerie Lyon
Valerie Lyon پیش ماه
She is so lucky that she had symptoms
Missy Tusara
Missy Tusara پیش ماه
This scared me but I needed to know this too, so thank you for talking about this
Trev Pierce
Trev Pierce پیش ماه
This is so sad to hear. So sorry you had to go through this. Hope you have a speedy recovery, Sindi.
Leah grace Fecteau
Leah grace Fecteau پیش ماه
That is hard and awful but I am glad she is better this why it’s important to remember anyone can have heart attack man or woman and know what to do
Clare White
Clare White پیش ماه
OMFG, you can have a normal EKG and still have a heart problem! Just because you're not having a heart attack (tissue death) at the exact moment, that doesn't mean you aren't about to have one! The EMS team was incredibly irresponsible to say there was nothing wrong!
PurpleLion1608 پیش 29 روز
You can't look at the numbers, you have to look at the symptoms as well. The numbers can help rule something in but can't always rule it out. SCAD is quite common in young females and should have been in the back of the EMS crews mind as a differential diagnosis.
Ellie پیش ماه
When I was about 13 or 14 I had my first svt heart episode (supraventricular tachycardia) and I thought it was just a panic attack because at the time I never had experienced one. It was right before school so I was talking to my mom who was in another room just telling her something is wrong. You could SEE how fast and hard my heart was beating and I was getting cold sweats I was super dizzy and I could barely talk by how light headed I felt. That's when my mom called 911 and she and my brother helped me move to the living room couch since our living room was big enough for all the people and equipment. They did an ekg and my heart rate was 276 beats per minute and that's when they gave me a shot that to me seems just like a reset. I ended up getting an ablation and the first time it only took like 2 hours and they froze part of my heart but like 2 months later I had another episode just from bending over to pick up a shoe. I then got another ablation and this time it was about 9 hours and they unfroze the one part of my heart and burned another part and so far I haven't had another episode. It's been years now and my heart still isn't as strong as it use to be and im too scared to get it back to where it was if I have another episode and have to do it all over again.
Erica Schoenberg
Erica Schoenberg پیش ماه
omg im so sorry!! i had an svt ablation over the summer and thank god ive been better since then. i hope you don’t have to do that again!
Scott Curry
Scott Curry پیش ماه
BuzzFeed - Would you be interested in another one of these except ‘I survived a stroke at 45’? HMU (recovery process still ongoing) P.S. This was last year so also... ‘during a pandemic’
Kathleen Millar
Kathleen Millar پیش ماه
Those paramedics need a refresher course. Even in the off chance it was a panic attack they should have taken you to the hospital to be 100% sure. But then again I'm Canadian, maybe it's different in the US.
Mitzi 916
Mitzi 916 پیش ماه
YES! Especially since having a SCAD alone (no plague build-up and blockage) always has a "normal EKG"!! While EMT taking you to the hospital is always the patient's choice if they're conscious - they need to be better educated that EKG is not a 100% qualifier for heart disease.
ViRrOorR پیش ماه
wonder if that stuff is hereditary or if its because of all the american junk food
Rebecca Spaulding
Rebecca Spaulding پیش ماه
It's a combination of both.
쉐리 sherry Mukbang 댓글 Comment
쉐리 sherry Mukbang 댓글 Comment پیش ماه
Whoever is reading this may you and your loved ones live forever and ever 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bugs پیش ماه
... Forever? ... I hope not.
Ms. Hardy
Ms. Hardy پیش ماه
I'm so glad she is doing better that's sounds very scary
ashleyt11686 پیش ماه
I'm so happy you have the support that helps and yes God got you sis!
ashleyt11686 پیش ماه
God Bless you... Much love to you and your family. ❤
loomonda18 پیش ماه
jaded2o2 پیش ماه
My mom died from SCAD two weeks after giving birth to my brother. I’m glad you’re still here God bless you.
IamBellaJones Period
IamBellaJones Period پیش 28 روز
I’m so sorry she is in a better place you will see her soon she is watching down on you Denver
jaded2o2 پیش ماه
@mxnkeyboi thank you 🙏🏾
mxnkeyboi پیش ماه
God bless your mother... you will reunite in the clouds with Jesus ✞
Justin Jordan
Justin Jordan پیش ماه
I had the EXACT same condition that she had with none of those symptoms. No major pain, felt like I was catching a cold. Went to work for a week until I started feeling a lump in my throat. They looked at my heart and half of it was not beating. Had to have open heart surgery the next day.
Mercury پیش ماه
omg! u didn’t have any symptoms?
LilFoxyCosplay پیش ماه
My first panic attack (that I was properly aware of and knew what was happening) I thought I was having a heart attack I was so relieved when I realised it wasn't Thankfully I know first aid for a heart attack but I still wouldn't wish it on anyone it must be so terrifying
Delaney E.
Delaney E. پیش ماه
God said it wasn’t your time ❤️✝️❤️
Yahya Abouchefeh
Yahya Abouchefeh پیش 18 روز
@Keli E • 14 years ago I am really sorry for your loss, Stay safe and positive
mxnkeyboi پیش 24 روز
@Keli E • 14 years ago I am so sorry for your loss :((( God bless him and you/your family.
Keli E • 14 years ago
Keli E • 14 years ago پیش 24 روز
My dad had a heart attack and he passed from it
mxnkeyboi پیش ماه
kurihai پیش ماه
Oh dear this poor lady.
A AR پیش ماه
My grandma passed away from a heart attack this January, at age 58😓
Keli E • 14 years ago
Keli E • 14 years ago پیش 24 روز
Same but In 2016 and it was my dad
Lena M
Lena M پیش ماه
I’m so sorry for your loss:(
Komerican10 پیش ماه
Knowing that on my paternal side has heart disease scares me. My moms side has hypertension (which I have) and colon cancer. Sucks.
Shreya Ambade
Shreya Ambade پیش ماه
Hey beautiful human reading this, I hope you are well✨ Sending loads of love, you got this❤️
dragonlover3 پیش ماه
Amazing 😂😀
oct26 پیش ماه
I had this before n i didn't know what was this... Its painful...
Diego Alvarez
Diego Alvarez پیش ماه
What a great husband.
Zephyr Orona
Zephyr Orona پیش ماه
Oh thank God!😩🙌🏽❤️ I’m so glad that she is okay. This is a blessing from God that she survived❤️ I’m glad! Thank you Jesus!🙌🏽❤️
Hannah Bensusan
Hannah Bensusan پیش ماه
My stubbornness and hatred for hospitals is going to kill me one day because no matter how bad I feel, my solution is to nap it off 😅
Danika پیش ماه
@Victoria _ How are you supposed to “take care of yourself” when doctors don’t know anything, don’t listen to your concerns & the rest of healthcare is filled with egotistical assholes?
Victoria _
Victoria _ پیش ماه
Please dont do that, sometimes the smallest thing can lead to complications. Take care of yourself 😓
Kristin Cha
Kristin Cha پیش ماه
How could the ekj not show it?
ethelmonk پیش ماه
Thanks for sharing maybe it will help someone understand not to delay when treatment is needed. Thumbs up
LoveTroll پیش ماه
❝ _Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it._ ❞
FirstNation پیش ماه
Wow the term "widow maker" scares the sh*t outta me.
Komerican10 پیش ماه
It’s no joke. SCAD is a scary diagnosis.
TheNordicMoose پیش ماه
Started feeling a little short of breath, listening to her talk about this.
Christina پیش ماه
Aniabas پیش ماه
I'm so glad that she went to the hospital and that she is okay! I deal with severe anxiety and its good to hear what a heart attack actually feels like. My dad died of a heart attack and it is a HUGE worry for me.
Lexi Bihhh
Lexi Bihhh پیش ماه
She is so pretty 😍
spookytimes پیش ماه
It's crazy how similar the symptoms of a panic attack are to a heart attack. I've had two panic attacks that sent me to the hospital and you couldn't tell me I wasn't having a heart attack. Glad this woman is okay!
Rebecca P
Rebecca P پیش ماه
@Mercury Please seek therapy or a doctor if you can! It’s important.
Mercury پیش ماه
i have panic attack almost everyday and i thought i have heart problems cuz my chest was in so much pain
Neena T
Neena T پیش ماه
@vixen4327 same I thought I was having a heart attack but when I went to the host they told me it was a panic attack
vixen4327 پیش ماه
I've had one panic attack in my life and I didn't know what was happening. Horrible experience! I thought it was my heart too!!
Tech With Sean
Tech With Sean پیش ماه
It happened to me once too, I couldn’t believe there was nothing wrong with my heart
ItsPhoenix پیش ماه
Everyone reading this right now should start trying your best in life because you only have 1 life after that life is gone it’s over
MissaSissa پیش ماه
That's so scary! The fact that you're just sent home with barely any testing is horrible. It happens so much and it shouldn't. Glad she's okay and is still able to be a mama to her babies. 😌
Kimberley پیش 21 روز
Thats because they check the heart and ther heart is fine. Its the arteries and they cannot check this without some invasion and invasion may cause death.
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken پیش ماه
Yeah, I gather it's not fun...
nishika shibu
nishika shibu پیش ماه
Just realised, there is no action reason for why this video should exist. I do not want to know what it's like to have a heart attack🙁
Suxn پیش ماه
@Tina Loye yepp!
Tina Loye
Tina Loye پیش ماه
You could save your life or a loved one or a stranger if you can recognise the symptoms. the paramedics didn’t even know.
Suxn پیش ماه
You never know when you need to call 911. This is pretty useful to others.
Sue Sexsmith
Sue Sexsmith پیش ماه
Thank you for sharing!!!! This mirrors my own experience almost down to the moment, except that I wasn't given the option to stay home, and was taken right to the hospital. I am SOOO unbelievably thankful that the hospitals in my city have been a part of SCAD research studies, so I wasn't overlooked. It is a real life changing experience, but we are strong and will survive for another day my SCAD SIster.
AppleCore360 پیش ماه
I'm so happy you got to see your kids again. I have two boys of the same age, i can only imagine how hard the thought must be, almost leaving your kids behind like that. Hope you are doing well and you are healthy.
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter پیش ماه
I'm so glad you're okay now physically, Sindi. I'm so glad to hear that the American Heart Association has support groups for heart attack sufferers and that they further break it down into what type of heart attack you've survived. A lot of people may not be aware that there are different types of heart attacks even though its the #1 killer. I'm so happy for you and your family that you are getting through this.
Michael Deshe
Michael Deshe پیش ماه
So happy to see you doing well
jocelyn mejia
jocelyn mejia پیش ماه
Milky Møø Plays Roblox
Milky Møø Plays Roblox پیش ماه
im so sorry but im glad you surived! this is now on my worst fears list
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