When You Should Lie

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The world can be a scary place, especially for a woman. @cathypedrayes is here to help by providing a few safety tips that can be useful! For more, visit her tiktok @ cathypedrayes.
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Blue_bird پیش 2 روز
Hey buzzfeed! You've made videos of all sorts of videos that are so relatable and funny such as perks of being short, struggles of girls in summers, but I've never seen a video any video talking about the pros of smiling too much, always being cheerful, or being very loud! I've always been a too much smiling cheerful gal! Some of my friends ask why I am literally always smiling, am and happy and grateful always, even though no friend of mine wished me on my birthday which was on 9 April, I am cheerful like nothing even happened! I would love it so much to see such a video and show it to my friends too.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 4 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 4 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 4 روز
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr پیش 4 روز
YES YOU SHOULD LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A G N O M I N A پیش 17 روز
Using your car alarm as a personal alarm has been an advertised feature for a while now. On the key clicker for my vehicle manufactured in 2005, there is a literal panic button. One side of clicker: lock, unlock. Side two: red button w/ overhead text of 'panic' _useful_
Barfman123 پیش 17 روز
Gosh dude I can’t believe that women have to lie this much just to get out of creepy strangers
Dyltube پیش 18 روز
Honesty is the best policy you filthy liars and your going to hell
dimmupelto پیش 21 روز
"Situations when its best to lie" When your channel is titled "buzzfeed" and you want to make a profit off of race or fear mongering.
Paul Snyder
Paul Snyder پیش 21 روز
very smart video
Martin Mathew
Martin Mathew پیش 22 روز
Introvert toolkit
kineticability پیش 24 روز
This seems gender specific.
Loa Lane
Loa Lane پیش 25 روز
Honest i,dont lie cames two strangers I walk a way i,say anything Kelly its heather
Dark & Twisted
Dark & Twisted پیش 26 روز
Damn, there's a lot of nosey ass people 😂
Anni Kathi
Anni Kathi پیش 26 روز
Some of these things are so bizarre for me even as a woman. Please keep in mind, that most physical and sexual abuse is not done by strangers but by close relatives and friends. So don't always be frightened in public and try to live your live as freely as possible!💗
Casey Finnegan
Casey Finnegan پیش 26 روز
This is great and so helpful!!
Madelyn Buzek
Madelyn Buzek پیش 26 روز
This should be renamed woman life hacks they don’t teach you in school but definitely should.
NavelAviator پیش 26 روز
If you close the door and can't open it from the inside, you know the child safety lock is on. But you're trapped INSIDE the car! Sooooo... ?
Stellar' Realm
Stellar' Realm پیش 27 روز
I think by now I should realize I'm the only one who came from the anxiety attack helper video
Candace Baughman
Candace Baughman پیش 27 روز
When you should lie:NEVER!😡
Marissa .Gaumond
Marissa .Gaumond پیش 27 روز
When it’s okay to lie: when a woman alone. :( a depressing but real video
Magnificent Sarah
Magnificent Sarah پیش 27 روز
Also one that I was taught that if you are locked in a car and need to get away, you can remove the headrest from most cars seats and use the pointed metal parts to break the window and escape.
Magnificent Sarah
Magnificent Sarah پیش 27 روز
Or it could also be used as a weapon of self defence in an emergency.
Shiny Kitchen
Shiny Kitchen پیش 27 روز
I spend my most of time in cooking editing and uploading so I need all my brothers and sisters support plzz ❤️🥺
Mykaela Padron
Mykaela Padron پیش 27 روز
This is sad that we have to even be careful of these things
MusicGirl پیش 28 روز
Dayum i mean i understand this but also dont live in fear your whole life. If you live in fear you will attract more fear. Maybe its a culture thing but still unvers logics: Live in fear = get more fear in your life. Live positieve and happy = attract more positieve and happiness.
Genti Goci
Genti Goci پیش 28 روز
my dogs eye is at the lab and my dog has a stich at his eyelid
Sergio Velazquez
Sergio Velazquez پیش 28 روز
People feel this unsafe but still say there’s no need for the 2A this is exactly why we need the 2A to protect ourselves. Places like Canada where pepper spray is illegal really sucks just saying.... we need to be able to protect ourselves.
Bence Pándi
Bence Pándi پیش 21 روز
Exactly. It's insane how some countries love their criminals so much
Ryan H. Lesley Wilson
Ryan H. Lesley Wilson پیش 28 روز
Oh another one this one goes for when you go into a store. If you're trying to go into a store to protect yourself or get away from something just walk up to an associate and ask any question. Now you have the attention of the people inside the building that work there. Worst nightmare for anyone trying to mess with you. He used to work in corporate retail we have a handful of verbal and nonverbal cues to get us all sorts of different types of help including notifying the police that aren't even on the premises. You don't have to talk to it. They're called silent cues and we absolutely depend on them and our worst case scenarios.
Ryan H. Lesley Wilson
Ryan H. Lesley Wilson پیش 28 روز
another one I can't remember if she mentions in the video and this is extremely important if you live in big cities like I do is to pretend to be on the phone with a good friend of yours for the same reason that you can pretend that somebody around you is friends with you. You have to realize if somebody tries to attack you while you're on the phone and you start screaming that means that the person on the phone is a witness. The more witness you have the more protection you have in court. and on that note if you ever get off public transportation at night take your keys out and play with them. The sound of keys is an auditory deterrent?. why? because keys are a weapon. They're sharp. the goal is to always have the knowledge of how to use the resources you hope you never have to use.
Ryan H. Lesley Wilson
Ryan H. Lesley Wilson پیش 28 روز
I think this is common sense but if you ever have a repairman come to your property and you are the slightest uncomfortable you can just refuse the service. I know it's not the most convenient but it might protect you from the inevitable.... Especially if you live in an apartment then what happens is if you get uncomfortable with the person that was supposed to do the service then chances are your property manager has documentation on this said repair personnel and they are usually willing to put you towards the upper part of if not the very top of the list for repairs and services because after all they want to retain you as a tenant.
Jeff Ananario
Jeff Ananario پیش 28 روز
Imma start using these, just so I don't have to talk to people
Timothy Green
Timothy Green پیش 28 روز
Nearly none of these are needed lmao
Cat پیش 27 روز
@Timothy Green gun and knives and sometimes even pepper spray are illegal in most other countries besides the US so you claim that is something women can use as defense in other countries however it usually is not an option. And you claim that physical training will help but when you are stalked and ambushed or drugged you are already at a severe disadvantage so it is much better to avoid confrontation and be ready for it by expecting it because being drugged or stalked in these situations while alone are almost impossible to deal with by yourself.
Timothy Green
Timothy Green پیش 27 روز
@Cat if you’re a 5’2” skinny asian or white girl with 0 physical training or weapons (pepper spray, knife, gun, etc.) and you’re traveling in Syria sure but basically anywhere else you’re fine
Cat پیش 27 روز
When your traveling to countries unsafe for women these tips are definitely necessary. Especially the ones about getting an escort and getting an extra lock for the hotel rooms.
WifiRaider پیش 28 روز
I seriously thought this was gonna teach people how to just lie lol. This is incredibly informative, thanks guys 👍
Nate L.V. Brown
Nate L.V. Brown پیش 28 روز
It’s a little bit strange to be watching this as I’m one of those people who would make you do most of these..... when I’m not smiling I look Angry (“OMG, I think he’s going to rob me”) made worse by the fact I’m frequently lost in thought, I walk unusually fast & frequently end up spending 3-6 minutes gaining on strangers before I can pass them (“OMG, he’s following me”), if I see someone looking lost I’ll try & find out if they need help but I don’t want to be rude so I ask indirectly (“”You okay there ?”,”you waiting for someone ?”), AND I’m slightly above average height, kinda muscular, kinda stocky, shaved head, bushy unkempt beard & generally dressed in cheap clothes in dark colours !!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Bence Pándi
Bence Pándi پیش 21 روز
Write BuzzFeed to appear in their videos as stereotypical predatory male. EZ money
David Her
David Her پیش 28 روز
Wait, lying isn't normal?
Keren icehand
Keren icehand پیش 28 روز
Sometime is hard to be a girl🤬 Good tips! Be save👍
Aradana Karthigeyan
Aradana Karthigeyan پیش 28 روز
Yup, buzz feed has lost it ideas
Mohammed Tanvir
Mohammed Tanvir پیش 28 روز
NemotheChibi پیش 28 روز
as a multilingual person, the speak another language works the best 😂
Sam Law
Sam Law پیش 28 روز
Il lie to whomever a damn well please thanks lol
Joma Alojado
Joma Alojado پیش 28 روز
When should you lie**
CarlyKpdx پیش 28 روز
I don't get the voicemail one?
Oscar Contreras
Oscar Contreras پیش 28 روز
She or someone close to her used to live in latinoamerica.
Poonam smart kitchen
Poonam smart kitchen پیش 28 روز
Lala Nation
Lala Nation پیش 28 روز
Especially double checking the uber driver's license plate. I had this one uber (male) driver ask what i was doing and he was so confused when i told him i was checking the plate. It's astonishing how some men really are disconnected with how serious and real safety concerns are for women
Boogie man
Boogie man پیش 28 روز
Dude this is just paranoia obsessiveness video
cquick 3
cquick 3 پیش 28 روز
Jesus Saves Love God✝️
Nicole Dijkstra
Nicole Dijkstra پیش 28 روز
I'm actually scarred to always hear or read on the Internet how many females don't feel safe to be alone outside in the US and even other countries when in the country I grew up it's hardly any problem at all. Like in Amsterdam the male tourist are maybe the worst people in the Netherlands to haras woman. Ps. I did feel uncomfortable sometimes but mostly because it was late at night and got bothered by some people asking for money who probably were junkies or suprise surprise guys on the internet
Zargon31 پیش 28 روز
when both men and women do this...birth rates go down by 100%
magpierobin91 پیش 28 روز
There should be more videos for men like “How to Make Women Feel Safer in Public”
Bence Pándi
Bence Pándi پیش 21 روز
You really believe that a man with bad intentions would give a f... about some videos online? Decriminalising self defense like pepper spray would be more effective.
Simple Stick Figure
Simple Stick Figure پیش 26 روز
You do realize that not all men will be able to do that?
Erica Brewster
Erica Brewster پیش 28 روز
To check if child lock is on was good all the up to the try opening and closing when inside if it doesn’t open it’s engaged YEA AND ITS TOO LATE! Never ever EVER GET IN if you’re unsure about childlock don’t wait until you’re inside lol
Matthew Dubeau
Matthew Dubeau پیش 28 روز
So are you going to do one for men that are much more likely to be murder victims? Of course not, because who gives a sh*t about men
Mae پیش 28 روز
Some good street smart tips but as a general rule you should never feel like you *have* to answer any question from a stranger. If they're making you uncomfortable by being too close or asking you questions, it's best to stay calm, ignore them, & remove yourself from the situation. You don't want them to think it's okay to continue because you responded
COLE پیش 28 روز
Title should be "Things that women do on a daily basis to not get abducted, raped, and/or killed"
Captain_fabiucio پیش 28 روز
If you're inside the car and can't open it ?? It's to late then
Gustavo پیش 28 روز
It's ridiculous that this information has to be put out there.
Graeme Hunter
Graeme Hunter پیش 28 روز
Always lie no matter what. Live a life of deception and never let anyone discover your true identity.
Amrutha Jayavelu
Amrutha Jayavelu پیش 28 روز
store in in my scrunchie ... and ill loose my scrunchie 😂
be the genius
be the genius پیش 28 روز
nikkij55 پیش 28 روز
This makes me want to travel so much
Illyana Suess
Illyana Suess پیش 28 روز
I have bells on my door because I like them and so my mom knows when I am awake. Lol
Prime Meridian
Prime Meridian پیش 28 روز
I just try not to step into traffic
Little McNasty
Little McNasty پیش 28 روز
While I understand the importance of keeping your guard up, if every woman did this they would’ve never found their bf/husband. x) I guess they only lie if they aren’t attracted am I right? lol
Syed Ali Basit Nastuh
Syed Ali Basit Nastuh پیش 28 روز
As a dude, this is wild as hell. Male privilege is something else
Mister Rex
Mister Rex پیش 20 روز
@6ern if women would approach more often, or even ever, men would have to find excuses too.
Bence Pándi
Bence Pándi پیش 21 روز
Men also hide items in chopsticks!
6ern پیش 26 روز
@kuruu yeah but this is mainly more common for women buddy.
QuantumDesign پیش 28 روز
Anyone who grew up in Latin America and just feel like this is basic living 101 for girls and boys?
Erika Weber
Erika Weber پیش 28 روز
It’s really sad woman need to think about stuff like this.
kuruu پیش 28 روز
Not just women but ok.
S&S Channel
S&S Channel پیش 28 روز
A White lie
Darko Matkovic
Darko Matkovic پیش 28 روز
Annoying voice
Sk8rToon پیش 28 روز
You got a link to that storage scrunchy?
Quentin Williams
Quentin Williams پیش 28 روز
When u should lie... apparently all the time.
Manga پیش 28 روز
Worst content ever, unsubscribed!
Aleesha پیش 29 روز
When I was getting close to my due date there were some pushy customers asking where I was delivering.
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos پیش 29 روز
this will be a safty video pushed by everyone from high school, colleges, dating sites, parents, this is commen sense and lying should be a tool to get out of situations you don't feel safe in.
marie g
marie g پیش 29 روز
These a good lies. Now if only my body language would shut up...
Silver Ink182
Silver Ink182 پیش 29 روز
Isis informative as this is and this was interesting to watch it's sad that we live in a world that this is how we have to keep ourselves safe
Peyton Flynn
Peyton Flynn پیش 29 روز
I'm so depressed watching this. Femmes really do not have the right to public space.
Ekster Vogel
Ekster Vogel پیش 29 روز
No never lie, its a big step to make that will force to change your actions to actions you are proud of, and also reflect honesty on yourself.
Otaku -ru
Otaku -ru پیش 29 روز
When she said "Hey babe, I'm home" but she lived alone😂
Hovernick پیش 29 روز
POV: there up is a friend in a mile radius
Summer Frost
Summer Frost پیش 29 روز
I just went through as spectrum of emotions during these 4 minutes. From feeling it's a little silly to realizing as a woman I recognize way to many of these situations, to anger that we need so many tricks just to keep ourselves out of harms way.
Fox Howler
Fox Howler پیش 4 روز
Yeah as a guy I also recognize these situations actually had one happen to me, there's some weird people out there. Stay safe
Brian G
Brian G پیش 29 روز
So she's the girl from taken
rasamasala پیش 29 روز
I feel really bad and hate that people have to live like secret agent spies just to feel safe
LoveTroll پیش 29 روز
❝ _You shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back._ ❞
noora angel
noora angel پیش 29 روز
Woww good job 👏🏻
Antonio ocean
Antonio ocean پیش 29 روز
marie g
marie g پیش 29 روز
@kuruu I agree, this would be good advice for children
kuruu پیش 29 روز
Ikr.. The sad part is that they think this video is only for women.. Like you're not that special??
Kate Lamb
Kate Lamb پیش 29 روز
This is some very good advice. 👍🏻👍🏻💯
rebecca Thumper
rebecca Thumper پیش 29 روز
I'm Sorry but if someone I don't know starts asking me questions I'm going to tell them to get bent...🔫🔫😂😂
kuruu پیش 29 روز
Y'all know that this video is not for women only right? 😂😂
Jyllian Brown
Jyllian Brown پیش 29 روز
But what happens when you test the child lock and it is on? What then?
Lauren Cameron
Lauren Cameron پیش 14 روز
@pumacatrun2 exactly, and if you’re picked up in a secluded place then you would live share your location to a trusted friend or family and get them to call emergency services on your behalf to not around suspicion.
pumacatrun2 پیش 23 روز
@A Piece Of Cheese I guess the idea is you'd be getting in the car in a more public place and they would drive you somewhere secluded and by then it's too late? If you made a fuss in the car while still relatively public they'd get caught out.
A Piece Of Cheese
A Piece Of Cheese پیش 27 روز
@Lauren Cameron I don't think a serial killer is going to give a damn if your coat is stuck in the door lol
Jyllian Brown
Jyllian Brown پیش 27 روز
@Lauren Cameron ohh smart!!!!
Lauren Cameron
Lauren Cameron پیش 28 روز
Say that you’ve caught your new jacket/dress in the door and it won’t open
Samantha D
Samantha D پیش 29 روز
Those hotel tips are clutch
Zakir Ellahi
Zakir Ellahi پیش 29 روز
baseskizl_82 پیش 29 روز
How to be a women lie every time you open your mouth.
noitedesextafeira پیش 29 روز
how to be a man: don’t know the difference between woman and women
baseskizl_82 پیش 29 روز
@Krystal X This has nothing to do with my ego
Krystal X
Krystal X پیش 29 روز
She’s only lying when she feels she could find herself into danger .. not that you would know how that is but go on defend Your ego
baseskizl_82 پیش 29 روز
@Kez I’m not threatened at all by this. Once again spreading lies
Kez پیش 29 روز
How to be a man critique everything you feel threatened by
DoeRaeMe پیش 29 روز
I agree with the creepy ppl person one....YIKES!!!!
Ed Ettor
Ed Ettor پیش 29 روز
So live in fear of everything, make it a habit of lying to slowly turn yourself into a compulsive liar. Miss every possible good opportunity. Good advice!
Ed Ettor
Ed Ettor پیش 28 روز
@Krystal X Yeah, because telling a lie, but still being in fear doesn’t make you look like prey.
Krystal X
Krystal X پیش 29 روز
@Ed Ettor the only ptsd they get is from the weirdos following them , so preventing stuff to happen to them prevents ptsd ...
Ed Ettor
Ed Ettor پیش 29 روز
@Kez just because things happen to people doesn’t mean it’s a common thing you have to be cautious about at every turn. An informative video, definitely something women should have up their sleeve to get out of a more predatory interaction. Still instilling fear for everything that’s a similar interaction in this video. Giving young girls PTSD isn’t empowering them, it’s crippling them.
Kez پیش 29 روز
@Ed Ettor they definitely did use the words creepy man once in the video go have another listen and u cant say when its is exaggerating u never know what can happen they ahve all happnes to skmeone
Ed Ettor
Ed Ettor پیش 29 روز
@Kez They never specifically said “creepy” or “man” even though they are implying that. I understand when you’re getting followed or something to that degree, but some of these interactions are just way to silly to take that much precautions over. Plus how cynical or paranoid do you have to be to not give certain people a little trust?
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez پیش 29 روز
This is why I don't travel alone. Also kinda sad we have to do this kind of thing to feel safe but 🤷
Bence Pándi
Bence Pándi پیش 21 روز
Don't confuse being safe and feeling safe
Sam N
Sam N پیش 28 روز
@kuruu I’d love to check out the source where you learned that “more than 40% of women are creepy in this world.” Sounds like an interesting statistic and I’d love to learn more about their research methods/the data they gathered to come to that conclusion.
54 پیش 29 روز
@kuruu I think you’re the one who should think for a bit. You sound like a bigot
kuruu پیش 29 روز
@54 I never said men were being excluded, I was this video isn't for women only. Think before you talk.
54 پیش 29 روز
@kuruu and...? Are you made men are being excluded out of a video? Sorry you’re so hurt
Typical Healer
Typical Healer پیش 29 روز
I just wear earpods and pretend to not listen
Hope Elizabeth
Hope Elizabeth پیش 29 روز
Not a bad one unless you're being fallowed
The_ r3a1_0ne
The_ r3a1_0ne پیش 29 روز
Its so sad that women need to do those things so we protect ourselves from creepy men.
Tr Uz
Tr Uz پیش 14 روز
@Charlotte Haggerty Any woman can carry a weapon. Even a child can, that means anyone is dangerous. Also, it depends on the size (height; weight, build), of both the man and the woman.
Israa Edogawa
Israa Edogawa پیش 28 روز
@Charlotte Haggerty I meant the person who wrote the main comment can't say men are creepy not you
kuruu پیش 28 روز
@Charlotte Haggerty Got anything to say to me now? Exactly.
Charlotte Haggerty
Charlotte Haggerty پیش 28 روز
@Israa Edogawa where did I say "men are creepy"
Israa Edogawa
Israa Edogawa پیش 29 روز
@UCXTzg8Vd18CxueY-SolUjmw I wanted to add that to your comment and I apologize
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie پیش 29 روز
How about we teach men to be better?
Bence Pándi
Bence Pándi پیش 21 روز
Well go on then Debbie. Do it! And then report back how successful it was!
Amarie Huston
Amarie Huston پیش 29 روز
@kuruu agreed
kuruu پیش 29 روز
@Amarie Huston I understand. Although she could rephrase that.
Amarie Huston
Amarie Huston پیش 29 روز
I think it’s just the persons way of showing off their frustrations towards society and how the roles of men and women are presented today and issues that women have to face daily
Amarie Huston
Amarie Huston پیش 29 روز
@kuruu I don’t disagree with that lol just in that context it means it’s a huge issue today. Obviously not all men are bad
Leah Jade
Leah Jade پیش 29 روز
From experience I have learnt to always say I have a boyfriend, men will respect an imaginary man instead of the visibly uncomfortable female in-front of him🙃
Simple Stick Figure
Simple Stick Figure پیش 26 روز
@Lord Chumpington "If you say you're uninterested, they'll call you gay anyway." Damn. I saw a few women do that. I don't know why people don't give more attention to women when they do it.
PandaSenpaiii پیش 28 روز
@Leah Jade thanks haha I know he would never cheat on me, we have been together nearly 4 years and we have lived together for nearly 2 years now 😊 I hate cheaters.
Leah Jade
Leah Jade پیش 28 روز
@PandaSenpaiii I hate it when people make cheating out to be a normal thing🙃 relationships now days are like microwave meals, quick and unsatisfactory. I’m glad you’ve found a keeper🥰
PandaSenpaiii پیش 28 روز
Used this many times, the only answers i got was to cheat on him with them or break up with him for them. My boyfriend isnt imaginary though lol so if they overstep the boundary I set then my boyfriend deals with them.
Nicole Dijkstra
Nicole Dijkstra پیش 28 روز
Well I used that once but the guy tried to convince me to cheat so... I blocked him
Kez پیش 29 روز
Wow of course all the sexist men come to front at this video
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